'Light Orange Intervention' at Donaueschingen Musiktage, Germany October 19-22

Light Orange Intervention prepares a single line of helium balloons and speaker objects in six adjoning rooms at the former Orangerie of the Fürstenberg Princely Palace as a sound composition commissioned by Lydia Rilling for the Donaueschingen Musiktage, the oldest contemporary music festival with it's history spanning over a century.

In the Light Orange Intervention I have made a sound composition that is spread out as a line. Every room has a somewhat different flavour of sound and they also combine when crossing from one room to another. In between is a space with no sound of it’s own. It’s like an intermezzo between two parts of the piece. When the visitor enters the space he or she can pick the level of attention and detail that they feel comfortable with as they walk towards the end of the piece. There’s and introduction and a coda at the end. Then you turn around and can experience the piece backwards. The composition is a bit like a mirror, the direction is not important, but the flavours come in a different sequence then. Technically every speaker has a fixed program, a loop that plays quite static sound, the dynamic comes from the interaction of the sound emitting objects, the space and the person experiencing it. 

The title reflects both the lightness of the balloons and the orange light and the somewhat playful nature of the piece. It is an open piece and is welcome to interpretations and individual experiences. 



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