Installation-Intervention at Kadriorg Park 'Power' exhibition


I Scream, You Scream is a site-specific installation-intervention that takes its name from a scene in Jim Jarmusch's film Down by Law, in which the three protagonists that have been thrown together to jail, spontaneously start chanting at the initiative of one of them. The work uses an animated combined inflatable object to visualise the soft pressure laid upon the Roman classical sculpture Apollo of the Belvedere, which is located on the lawn in front of the KUMU. The historic copy of the sculpture has been seen as an embodiment of canonic beauty and a symbol of art during the classicist period, but its reception has changed over time, transforming it into a rather decorative and marginal object. The installation encourages reflection on the complex relationship between symbolic and real power in the field of art and beyond. The exhibition is a final part of a series and is curated by Reet Varblane and Marje Taska and will remain open until October 10.



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