'Little Heavy Cloud' and 'Dark Flowers' at Telliskivi Creative City

The contemporary art festival  I Don't Get It, held at Telliskivi Creative City (known for it's hip atmosphere) in it's third year is focused on sound art. Aivar Tõnso has curated an exhibition Sound Speaks for the festival which will remain open until July 31. The exhibition opened on May 10 and is featuring two pieces by Raul, a new work titled Little Heavy Cloud and a rework of an existing piece, which finds a title - Dark Flowers. Little Heavy Cloud is a piece which consists of 50 concrete balls with a diameter of 9 centimetres each, hung by a stainless steel wire from the ceiling. Also cemented within the concrete balls are 4 piezoelectric microphones which are amplified and played through 4 speaker elements on the floor thus creating a miniature quadrophonic (or rather 4-channel) audio system. The piece is meant to be interacted with by the public as then it will create the very specific concrete 'swarm' of sound. The amplification adds natural electronic distortion and the speakers are fitted with a LED light each providing illumination from underneath the 'cloud'.

Besides the Little Heavy Cloud the other installation Dark Flowers employs two membrane-speakers with site-specific and object-specific sound. These objects were first used in 2009 as part of an installation Brewing in Cesis, Latvia at a contemporary art festival Hero Of Our Times where they hung in two circular openings left by the brewing tanks between two floors in a former beer factory. The objects then formed a core of an installation Attraction II in the same year at Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM) and in 2012 at a solo exhibition KLANG! in Estonian Maritime Museum's Gunpowder Storage.

There are altogether 6 Estonian contemporary artists who use sound represented in a sound installation which sets a goal of creating an organic sonic experience of intermingled sound from all the installations.

video documentation of the objects at Sound Speaks:


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