'Tranquil Beauty' @ARS Project Space September 9-30, 2022


Borrowing the name for the exhibition from a snippet in an interview by a colleague where she characterises the previous exhibition (Perfect Wordls) using those words, I have made and found a collection of pieces, which in a longer duration of time formed within the influence of this imaginary double helix. The name and concept stuck and demanded attention, refusing to be binned. Figures, forms and sounds swirl in a gravitational field of tranquil beauty as if to pose a question what chance do they have in these times of turmoil, uncertainty and dust.

Thanks to Hello, Ekke Ra, Kirke Lee, Andres Toodo and Marko Nautras @Craftrag, Indrek Köster, Sigrid Viir, ARS Factory, EAA etc.

The exhibition has been produced with support from Estonian Cultural Endowment.

The sound of the exhibition is streamed live by LokaalRaadio during the duration of the exhibition here


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