Copper Leg Art Residency

In June I'm at Vaskjala where I've been invited to Copper Leg Residency. It's a nicely restored former schoolhouse and the people here have equipped a basic, but very homely tradional photo lab here, where I'm playing with my digilog enlarger. I call it digilog as I can make wet prints from my mobile screen with it. I made two versions and MK2 can expose different sizes, vs MK1 which was only a specific size which I needed. Better to be flexible. So I'm exploring the small format and hands-on approach. I've sized a stack of watercolor papers with photographic grade gelatine which I then coated with several layers of photographic emulsion.. The idea is to combine fast, cheap and disposable capturing and alo moving images with rather permanent wet print medium. It almost feels like blasphemy and makes me vy happy indeed.. I'm printing in a more traditional way as well with 4x5 and medium format negatives and larger prints.

A live event on June 14, see more at Copper Leg Art Residency website here



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