Performance at Tahkuna Briis July 6, 2019

Raul had a performance at Tahkuna lighthouse on the island Hiiumaa, Estonia with painter and glass artist Valev Sein, a resident of the island and a former painting instructor of Raul from early 90s. Tahkuna lighthouse has a diverse history, purchased from Paris World Fair from the Eiffel company in 1871, to be assembled as a construction set with all parts included, it also was a place where Soviet troops surrended to oncoming German forces in 1941, so the area is riddled with wartime (and postwar) bunkers and trenches and areas of untouched pinewoods. Tahkuna is the highest lighthouse in Estonia at approximately 43 meters and is a marvel of industrial age technology, very steampunk!

Valev Sein plays guitars both in analog and computerized signal chains and set up an amplfier to one of the top floors while the performance took place on one of the lower ones. Raul used his reduced modular setup with emphasis on brass gongs, ceramic tiles and hunters whistles as input. The atmosphere was very special. Other acts centered around guitar and pop electronica featuring Mauno Meesit, Lauri-Dag Tüür and Faun Racket.



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