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Raul Keller (1973)

Since the end of 90s has been engaged in a multitude of contemporary art practices, focusing on site-specific sound installation, performance, improvisation, DIY culture, video- and radiophonic art. Sonic performances and radio art with LokaalRaadio (with Katrin Essenson, Hello Upan). Performances and recording as free impro noise duo Post Horn (with Hello Upan). Performed as Paul Cole with his group The Great Outdoors in burlesque americana rock genre. Founding member of MKDK, A Dynamic Collective of Music and Arts. Founder of radio art festival Radiaator (with Katrin Essenson). Member Estonian Artist Union (EAA) and Estonian Electronic Music Society (EES). Works commissioned / performances in Great Britain, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Iceland, Brazil, India, Poland, Russia and The Baltic States. 2014 - 2019 professor and head of New Media chair in the Estonian Academy of Arts. 2020-2022 recipient of artist laureate salary. Residing in Tallinn, Estonia.

Solo exhibitions

2023 Light Orange Intervention, the Orangerie, Donaueschingen Musiktage, Germany
2023 A Troubled Cure, Grenoble, Prantsusmaa 

2023 Harmonic Intervention, Charismatic Church, Timisoara 
2022 Tranquil Beauty, ARS Projektiruum, Tallinn
2022 mem:interference, Villa Elisabeth, Berlin
2021 Perfect Wordls, Draakoni Galerii, Tallinn
2020 Copper Leg Art Residency, Vaskjala, Estonia
2017 ravi / cure, Haapsalu Linnagalerii, Haapsalu, Estonia
2016 mem, Supersonicum, Viljandi, Estonia
2016 Six Drums, SIC Galleria, Helsinki, Finland
2014 What You Hear Is What You Get (Mostly), Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM), Tallinn
2014 moondur/shifter, Meinblau Projektraum, Berlin, Germany
2014 attahk/motattahk, Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn
2013 Notes, Scribblings, Gallery Malonijoi 6, Vilnius, Lithuania
2012 Symbolistica, Weltecho Gallery, Chemnitz, Germany
2012 KLANG!, Estonian Maritime Museum Gunpowder Depot, Tallinn
2009 Me tuleme kaugelt / We Come From Afar, CD, MKDK Records
2004 Feast at the time of Plague, Culture Factory Polymer, Tallinn

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 Power, Kadriouru Park, Tallinn
2023 Sound Speaks, Telliskivi Creative City, Tallinn
2022 Estomania III, Joutsa, Finland
2022 Radio Art Zone, Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg (w/ LokaalRaadio)
2022 Misconnections, Tartu Art House, Estonia
2021 Garden of Forking Sounds, ARS Project Space, Tallinn
2021 Rescript, Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia, (CAME/EKKM), Tallinn
2020 Experience Pommery #15, Reims, France
2019 Achoo, achoo: we all fall down, CAME/EKKM, Tallinn
2019 Dock / Ancien Palais de Justice, Les Brasseurs, art contemporain, Liège, Belgium
2018 Kunstnikud Kogudes, Estonian Broadcast Museum, Türi, Estonia
2016 Timer, Tallinn Art Hall Gallery
2016 Köler Prize, Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM), Tallinn
2016 Sound Reasons VI, Delhi, Bangalore, India
2015 Sequences VII, Lofftsons, Reykjavik, Iceland
2013 Out Of Sync: Looking Back at the History of Sound Art, Estonian Museum of Art (KUMU), Taliinn
2013 100 years of MIMproject: Life and Works of Manfred MIM, Tallinn Art Hall
2012 The Exotic, Tallinn Art Hall
2012 Museum Files, Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM), Tallinn
2011 Tuned City, Tallinn
2011 LIFT11, Tallinn
2011 International Radio Art Festival Radiaator, Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM), Tallinn
2010 Positions and Confrontations, Szcezcin, Poland
2010 The Way, Riga Airport, Riga, Latvia
2009 TDK, EKKM, Tallinn
2009 Hero Of Our Time, Cesis Art Festival, Cesis, Latvia
2008 L'Art en Europe, Pommery, Reims, France
2007 Arrivals, Turner Contemporary (Margate), Modern Art Oxford (Oxford), UK
2007 New Wave, Kunstihoone, Tallinn, Estonia

Selected projects

2022 Radiaator 22, festival-installation, LokaalRaadio with Hello Upan, Katrin Essensoniga, ARS showroom, Tallinn
2022 The Dreamer Falls Asleep, 22-hour radiophonic piece with LokaalRaadio, Radio Art Zone, Esch-Sur-Alzette, Esch2022
2021 Worlds first robot in A.I. Tchekhov It’s Time To Fight Reality Once More, by Liina Keevallik in collaboration with Tallinn University
2021 Radiosphere, radiophonic 4-channel installation, The Fifth Element, kinetic sound installation, Garden of Forking Sounds, ARS Project Space, Tallinn
2021 Rescript, CAME/EKKM, new 24-hour sound piece for site-specific sound installation Reflector
2020 Perfect Wordls, series of b/w medium and large format photos as contact copies on a magnetic base as a mail art set on 3 boxes distributed by participants and later (2021) exhibited as an installation piece at a gallery accompanied by 3 channel non-synchronised soundtrack (also supplied with the boxes)
2019 Rio de Janeiro, book, text, illustration, CD with spoken word
2018 In Conversation with  Felix Moor, radiophonic piece for a live lacquer cut,  Estonian Broadcast Museum, Türi, Estonia
2018 Estonian History. A Nation Born Out of Shock, opera, Estonian National Opera Estonia, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, MIMproject
2017 Forbidden Colors, 7 quadrophonic site-specific improvisations for Von Krahl Theatre play, music in collaboration with Artyom Astrov in former Baltic Station passenger pavillion, Tallinn
2016 LZ, interactive light and sound sculpture, Tallinn Art Hall Gallery
2016 Six Drums, 6-channel light and sound installation, SIC Galleria, Helsinki; EKKM, Tallinn
2016 Reading Room Radio Shuffle, quadrophonic site-specific voice installation with speakers, Vadhera Art Gallery Reading Room, Delhi, India
2015 mem, site-specific radio installation, live performance recorded in situ and narrowcast
2015 Art's Birthday, quadrophonic site-specific radio broadcast/concert installation in Estonian Public Radio Studio One to EBU stations, Tallinn
2014 What You Hear Is What You Get (Mostly), 6 sitespecific instllations and interventions, photographic prints, EKKM, Tallinn
2013 moondur/shifter, site-specific sound installation, photographic prints, Meinblau Projektraum, Berlin, (DE)
2013 Notes, scribblings, photographic prints, mural, site-specific soundinstallation, Malonjioi 6, Vilnius, (LV)
2012 Symbolistica, sound performances with LokaalRaadio (collaboration by Hello Upan)in Vilnius (LV), Tallinn, Chemnitz (DE) at SoundExchange project
2012 Process, installation, Estonian Maritime Museum Gunpowder Depot, Tallinn
2012 ACTA i, installation, Estonian Maritime Museum Gunpowder Depot, Tallinn
2011 Torpedoes Out, site-specific sound installation, Kalasadam, Tallinn
2011 Girl in Sewer, site-specific installation, Tallinn
2011 Some Mink, rock opera, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn
2011 The End Of A Garden, with Erkki Luuk, radiopiece for radio art festival ‘Radiaator’. Part of the WIRE magazine compilation Estonian Music Now.
2010 Paul Cole & The Great Outdoors, performances, Tallinn, Pärnu, Vilnius, Szcezcin, Berlin
2010 Black Music Box, site-specific installation, Riga Airport
2010 Peep Show, site-specific installation, Estonian Museum of Art (KUMU),Tallinn
2009 Attraction 1&2, site-specific sound installation, EKKM, Tallinn
2009 Trip To Nowhere, live music (with Hello Upan, Martin Pedanik) for performance piece by Jasper Zoova, Pärnu
2009 Me tuleme kaugelt / We come From Afar, CD, installation
2009 The Storm Hits, CD as Paul Cole
2009 Brewing, sitespecific installation, Cesis (LT)
2008 Ping, Welcome, sitespecific installations, Pommery, Reims (FR)
2007 Project Unison, Air / Õhk, CD, performance in Waterplane Hangars, Tallinn
2007 Reflector, sitespecific installation, Tallinn
2007 Margate Beach, sitespecific installation, Margate (UK)


2018 Estonian Theatre Annual Awards Original soundtrack for stage production (w/ Artjom Astrov)
Forbidden Colors, Von Krahli Teater, Tallinn, Estonia
2014 Grand Prize of The Cultural Endowment of Estonia arts and design category,
What You Hear Is What You Get (Mostly), solo exhibition, CAME, Tallinn, Estonia
2013 Grand Prize of The Cultural Endowment of Estonia, w/ MIMproject
Manfed Mim 1920-2020, group exhibition, Tallinn Art Hall


2022 Wiiralti preemia
2016 Köler Prize


2023 EAA Muhu Art Residency, Muhu, Estonia
2023 Copper Leg Residency, Vaskjala, Estonia w/ Lokaalraadio
2021 Maajaam, Estonia
2020 Copper Leg Residency, Vaskjala, Estonia
2019 Lithuanian Composers Union, Druskininkai, Lithuania
2018 Broadcast Museum, Türi, Estonia
2014 Meinblau Projektraum, Singuhr-projekte, Berlin
2012 Mobile-Radio, project by Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington, Sao Paulo Biennial
2007 Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK
2006 Colina Lab, Marseille, (FRA)


2019 Sound installation program, International Contemporary Music Days, Tallinn
2011 International Radio Art Festival Radiaator, EKKM (with Katrin Essenson)


2016- Post Horn, noise duo (w/ Hello Upan)
2011 Raoul Kurvitz, Forbidden To Sing, MKDK Records
2000-2012 Project Unison, MKDK Records


2021 Post Horn, Patient, LP 
2020 Rio de Janeiro, spoken word and sound, Kuuratsanikud 
2019 moondur, noise eye radio, MKDKCD0040
2017 Post Horn Pacific, MKDKVNL0035
2015 Raul Keller moondur / shifter, 7" MKDKVNL0034
2012 Projekt Unison Mahuti / Tank, MKDKCD0033
2009 Raul Keller We Come From Afar / Me Tuleme Kaugelt, MKDKCD0028
2009 Paul Cole The Storm Hits, MKDKCD0027
2008 Projekt Unsion Õhk / Air, MKDKCD0020
2004 Projekt Unison DOHC, MKDKCDR0014
2004 Projekt Unison Rohuringid / Circles of Grass, MKDKCDR0013
2004 Paul Cole Bad Paintings, Hit The Fan Records, CDR, MC
2003 Projekt Unsion Segaja / Jammer, MKDKCDR009
2000 Projekt Unison Trainpulse / Notes of an aural exploration, MKDKCDR004, MKDKCD0034

Selected graphic / book design

2022 Three Free Radicals, You are invited, CD
2021 Post Horn, Patient, LP 
2020 Rio de Janeiro, poems and stories, book, CD
2017 Post Horn, Pacific, LP
2016 Mart Soo, Roomet Jakapi Ärkvelsilm, CD
2015 Scott L. Miller, Mart Soo, CD
2014 What You Hear Is What You Get (Mostly), visual identity
2012-2014 Ensemble U concert posters
2011 Radio art festival Radiaator
2010 Light Festival, Tallinn
2009 Kristina Norman After-War catalogue, video and pavilion graphic design, 53rd Venice Biennial
2008 K. Norman, Field Of Genius, artist' book
2008 Noam Chomsky, Media Power, book
2007 Collected Crises, Exhibition design, KUMU, Tallinn
2006- Improtest, International concert series of free improvisation, festival


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