Performing at Pasta Modulare 5/12/2015, Asum, Tallinn

Performing at modular syntheziser meet-up Pasta Modulare in Asum, Tallinn.

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Heading to Weltecho Gallery, Chemnitz

On the way to installing a sound piece at Weltecho Gallery in Chemnitz that will be opened on November 15. LokaalRaadio will perform a concert-installation 'Symbolistica' for the third and last time there on November 17th as part of the SoundExchange festival. The installation will be open until December 1.

LokaalRaadio upcoming concerts

September 14 festival Eclectica Tartu, Estonia, club Kink Konk

September 22 as part of the pan-European project Cosmic Underground at Baltic Railway Station, Tallinn with a radio-play Groundhog Day

September 28 as part of the East and Central European experimental music project Sound Exchange, first day of Stalker festival in Kultuurikatel, Tallinn, with radio play Symbolistica

Oktoober 19 at Cosmic Underground  in Torun, Poland with Groundhog Day

November 15 at Sound Exchange festival in Chemnitz, Germany with Symbolistica

More LokaalRaadio events expected this fall. See also: lokaalraadio.ee

Stay tuned in!


At São Paulo 30th Biennial with LokaalRaadio

October 22.-29 at the São Paulo 30th Biennial with LokaalRaadio participating in Knut Aufermann's and Sarah Washingtons radio project mobile-radio. 6 days of live programming 2 hours each including a live concert Saturday 27th. For more info see: lokaalraadio.ee

The Sleep Well in Tartu, Estonia

Me and Hello Upan are performing on the 31th of May, as a drone/noise duo The Sleep Well in Tartu at an event Asfaldiulmad (Asphaltdreams). Club Kink-konk, more info here (in estonian).

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