'Music For One' at Copper Leg Residency

Raul was at Copper Leg Residency along with LokaalRaadio (Hello Upan, Katrin Essenson) and alongside creating a radio picnic on the last day of the residency for the showing each one had an individual piece they were working on.

Music for One is a sound installation experienced by one person at a time, composed by the author on a low reclining chair equipped with loudspeakers, The complete composition consists of four parts of about ten minutes each, played for a quarter, half, three quarters and a full hour. It is up to each listener to choose their own listening time and to queue up on the spot. In one lesson, four listeners can experience four different compositions.

In composing Music for One, Raul used electronically generated sounds (on a modular synthesizer), using the aforementioned recliner with three built-in speakers as a sound amplification system. The sound transforms the human body on the recliner into a physical sound transmitter, penetrating and directly affecting the body. Music for One is an individual experience, and it affects different people in different ways. It is not recommended for people who are hypersensitive to vibration-induced physical stimulation and/or noise.



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