'Harmonic Intervention' at Sonic Narratives, Timisoara, Romania

Harmonic Intervention is a site-specific installation piece curated by Carsten Seiffarth for the Sonic Narratives festival in Timisoara, Romania. In two adjoining rooms in a former Constructtion Worker's Recreation Centre, now used partially by the Charismatic Church of Timisoara, seven black and white balloons are tuned to their resonant frequency and used as harmonic and noise oscillators for a site-specific sound art installation piece. The other artists in the other rooms feature Nika Schmitt and Ioana Vreme Moser. The festival runs from May 26 till June 10 and also features concerts, works with soundscapes and presentations. The piece comes as part of a series of site-specific installations which feature helium filled balloons as sound emitting devices. In October 2023. Raul will exhibit a helium balloon piece at Donaueshingen Music Festival in Germany.

video documentation of the installation


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