Estomania III + Unexpected Territories


Estomania III in Joutsa Finland 10.06- 07.08.22, Unexpected Territories in Berlin 02.- 10.07.22

Raul and Hello Upan will present a new installation piece at Estomania III, which is a continuation of the themes they have both been working on in the recent years, where Hello has been focusing on bubblegum and Raul on balloons. The piece is called Living In A Bubble consisting of serigraphy prints, sound and an installative object. The exhibition is open June 10 until August 7 at Haihatus Art Centre in Joutsa, Finland and it will feature a vast array of Estonian and Finnish artists. You're welcome to drop by! 



Raul will present a site-specific sound installation at Villa Elisabeth in Berlin mem: interference, which belongs to a series of mem pieces, which maps the sonic memory of a space in an installative setting. You can hear sounds interfering with each other from speakers reflected by parabolas and a prepared sonic object in the space. Tghe installation is part of singuhr projekte series which is dedicated to David Tudor. During the program you can see documentries about David Tudors work along with special programs and installations by sound artists Paul DeMarinis, Johyn Driscoll, Phil Edelstein etc.. The event happens July 2nd to 10th of July.


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