Working on a book of poetry, sound

The book will be called Rio de Janeiro, it's not a travel diary and it was mostly written in January, 2019. The book will have a limited edition of 150 copies and will include 2 CDs with reading of the text and a sound piece. I have been working on the project throughout this year and I'm in the final steps of releasing it. The text and poetry is in Estonian.

Another thing about this entry is that I took these images on an old Russian FKD 13x18 wooden folding camera, which was produced from the 30s right up to 1987. My camera is from 1979, it has a matching Industar-51 lens from the same year and was used in a photo studio. I modified the cassettes for taking 4x5 film, replaced the ground glass and calibrated it more or less. The scans are from the first batch of film I exposed with the camera. I especially like the fact that there is no shutter on the camera, you expose by removing the lid of the lens. Almost makes me want to have an old hard hat.




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