'MÜRAst / aboutNOISE' lecture, performance, Grafodroom, Tallinn

In the series of lectures from the Estonian Electronic Music Society, on November 22, Raul had a live improvised modular electronics performance and a free form talk about some aspects of noise, in its cultural, ideological and technical aspects with the help of some writings from the practitioners and thinkers such as Luigi Russolo, Jacques Attali, David Hendy, Paul Hegarty and more. Within the talk Raul carved a path through different appearances of noise from the first industrialization of production with all of its accompanying noises to the present moment where silence is a commodity of the highest value and in the words of one of the aforementioned authors, 'perhaps some noise distributed more evenly would help in finding a way towards a more equal society.' Or maybe not, depends where you stand in the debate and from which side of the fence you look at it. For noise is by definition always the other, the unwanted and the undesirable beyond our control.

here's a link to an interview about the lecture in Klassikaraadio, Estonian National Broadcast (in estonian)



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