Duo Post Horn LP 'Pacific' has arrived

Since 2004. Raul Keller and Hello Upan have been exploring the noise/electroacoustic/impro aesthetics and approaches first with Projekt Unison CD 'Double Overhead Camshaft' MKDKCD0014 released in 2004 in collaboration with Heikki Tikas and later with Katrin Essenson as LokaalRaadio (2008-). In 2016 Raul and Hello renamed their duo and are continuing to record and perform as Post Horn, a free impro, noise, no bs act.

Post Horn utilizes modular synths, electric violin, radios, lowfi recording devices, voice, loopers and such both in studio and live. July 2016 they recorded a series of tapes in ARS Studio out of which two were selected to be pressed as a small edition LP on vinyl. Pacific presents us with a snaphot of the recording session and the current aesthetic of the duo. The mastering and lacquer were cut by Stefan Betke from Scape Mastering in Berlin and it was pressed at Optimal Media in Germany. The release has been supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

more on Post Horn: 

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